Çardak Pide has been established in 1979 as a Hamit Yalçın&İsmail Bostan’s cooperation under the name of “Büyük Sanayi Pide Salonu”. Family traditions have  great importance in our company’s history.Society’s apprecation regarding to our total quality management apprehension has forced us for further developments.


Our company in Trabzon which has been relocated behind BAGKUR (previously Turkish Airline Office and known as Macka garage) has renewed it’s name as “Çardak”.Çardak means “bower” in English and it was our garden,covered by grapevine, what has inspired us while renaming the company..

Çardak Pide’s opening ceremony in it’s new place was made by that period’s mayor Mr.AKTUG,Atay and city residents who genetically have excellent food taste.

Çardak Pide, while benefited from family traditions and experience, was always open minded for any kind of progress regarding to our business. We keep on serving  with total quality management apprehension.many qualifications like; hygiene, fastidiousness, honesty, localness,protecting the traditional taste helped us while serving to our reputable clients.